A few things before we get started

Mastering your cash flow is easy when you have the right tools, processes, and guidance. This setup process is designed to help you build your first cash flow forecast and get what will be your first, best look at where your money goes.

As you go through this process, try not to overthink things - focus only on the primary goal of projecting the coming and going of money in your checking account.

Also, be sure to work one step at a time in small blocks of time - no more than 30 minutes. This will keep you fresh and allow time between steps for your brain to wrap itself around all the new information you're presenting it.

Lastly, don't beat yourself up if your cash flow starts looking like a disaster. We'll work on that over time, as cash flow management is the ultimate long game in personal finance. Keep at it long enough, and you'll gain everything you've ever wanted financially.

Add to Your Google Drive

We require all our clients to use Google Drive. It's free, easier to use, and better for collaboration than Microsoft Office. In addition, we have embedded some special programming to this spreadsheet that is only available in Google Drive.

To add our cash flow spreadsheet to your Google Drive, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to open our master cash flow spreadsheet
  2. Sign into Google by clicking 'Sign In' on the top right of the window
    • To create a Google account, click here and complete the steps as directed
  3. Click 'File' from the top menu
  4. Click 'Add to My Drive'
  5. Bookmark this page

Now you have our cash flow spreadsheet, and it'll be accessible anywhere you are with an internet connection.