Five Years to ZERO


Five Years to ZERO

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Five Years to ZERO is a financial plan that will enable you to payoff all of your debt - including your mortgage - in about five years. Thanks to common financial ratios used by lenders, it is possible to accomplish the life-changing goal of permanently eliminating your debts.

Why It Works

The lending industry uses a number of financial ratios based on your income, assets, and liabilities. As a result, if you are able to pay your current bills on time, with just a little more planning and effort, you can payoff your debts one by one until you get to ZERO debt in about five years.

Some of the ratios lenders routinely examine are debt-to-income, loan-to-value, and credit used-to-credit available (credit utilization rate). These ratios ensure that you are able to meet your monthly payments, and if you can do this, you can be debt-free in about a half-decade.

How It Works

This program is a long-term plan that has two phases - planning and execution. During the planning phase, we'll sit down to assess your cash flow, assets, and liabilities to construct a one-page, easy to follow plan with your target date to become debt-free. This phase takes less than two hours.

The second phase, execution, is the long game. Over the following months, we'll routinely update your progress in executing your plan - taking time each month to set short-term, achievable mini-goals that ensure you accomplish your major goal of ZERO debt.

What It Costs

We are offering this plan for $19.95/month including all follow-up conversations. Should you not qualify for this plan, you will know once our initial assessment is completed. At any time, if you wish to cancel the service, you may do so without any further charges.

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