Pictured above are the race bib and medal from my first marathon. It was a tremendous accomplishment - one that required more than a year of preparation, hundreds of miles of training runs, and an unwavering commitment to finish the race. It is my hope that you take a similar journey with your money...and that you reach your finish line.

In getting started, our first conversation will center on two things - your goals and your current financial situation. The first part is pretty simple, as you likely have some goals in mind that prompted you to meet with us. And, while goals are neat, they're worthless until you put in the work to accomplish them.

That leads to that second thing - your current financial situation. The bulk of our time together will be spent talking about everything you own (assets) and everything you owe (liabilities). As we speak, I'll be putting together one of the two most important documents in financial planning - your net worth statement.

This list of your assets and liabilities will help me develop a plan to steadily improve your financial position by eliminating debt and building wealth.

To that end, please click the button below to download a net worth statement that you can begin updating prior to our conversation. In doing so, you'll make our conversation more productive and take some of your first steps toward accomplishing your most important financial goals.


We have three objectives:

  1. Discuss your major financial goals
  2. Identify exactly where you stand financially
  3. Set a date/time for our next conversation

Next Steps

Following our initial conversation, these next steps will be taken:

  1. Begin construction of your financial plan with a prioritized list of
    • Debt repayments and/or
    • Saving/investing opportunities
  2. Share your net worth statement using Google Drive
  3. Begin the most important work of arranging your income and expenses to pursue your goals