$148,118.12 | The Long-term Benefit of Food Stores

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The Spend | Food Stores

Four times a year, we save $80 in a given week by eating the food stores in our fridge, freezer, and pantry. We still go to the grocer to pick-up a few items to complement these stores so we eat some pretty tasty meals. Instead of spending $100, we spend $20 or less.

The Benefit | Retirement

Thanks to this habit, we have the ability to add $320/year to our retirement savings. While that may not seem like a lot of money at first glance, when you add $137.67 in tax breaks and $223.83 in employer matching, the total addition to our nest egg is $686.50/year.

The Long-term Benefit | 30-year Value

When you repeat this year after, the total savings amounts to $148,118.12 - nearly three times median annual household income in the U.S.

Imagine. Eating food you already have, ensuring as little food goes to waste can add ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN DOLLARS AND TWELVE CENTS to your future.

Giving to Others

This rhythm that we set wasn't our idea, it came from our local church, Crossroads. Each year, the church does a 'Beans and Rice Week' - an exercise in sacrificial giving. You sacrifice your air quality and give what you saved to some folks in need.

It works for giving. It works for saving. It's a good habit to have - even if only four times a year. That said, try to avoid living on beans and rice. Beans and other legumes are not easily digested and eating them all day, everyday results in many foul and not so mysterious odors.

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